Mahmoud Ahmed

Postdoc - Cancer Genomics

Introduction to LaTex & Overleaf

An introduction to the basics of LaTeX using Overleaf (Tutorial)


This is a brief introduction to the basics of using LaTex. The goal is to get people to start using LaTex for the purpose of writing scientific articles and presentations. This tutorial is delivered as part of the Writing in Science Class of Spring, 2022.


Creating a free Overleaf account:



  • Learn LaTeX in 30 minutes (Link)
  • Free online introduction to LaTeX (Link)
  • Video series: Introducing Overleaf and LaTeX (Link)
  • Overleaf Webinars (Link)
  • GNU Thesis Template (Link)


The materials in this tutorial are based on the Overleaf Community resources and is part of the Overleaf Advisor Program.


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